FEBE Transport Kft.

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You already know what, when and where you need to ship, but you still don’t know with what? You already received an offer for transport, but it is too expensive because the vehicle is much larger than what you would need? You also have to pay for the return?

We are at your service with our 16 trucks equipped with satellite (GPS) vehicle tracking system. Thanks to our cooperating partners, we also keep more than 100 cars in operation, so we can offer you transport vehicles of various capacities that best suit your needs. Our goal is to achieve the most favorable capacity utilization and provide our clients with cost-effective solutions.

In addition to our own trucks, our company also offers you more than 100 freight vehicles for road transport through our freight forwarding business line. Our vehicles of various capacities and types allow you to ship your goods in a cost-effective and high capacity-utilization manner nearly all over Europe, both as export and import.


Our vehicle fleet, or respectively the combined vehicle capacity available through our carefully selected subcontractors, includes the following vehicle types:

  • 1.5 tons load capacity delivery van (4-8 pallets)
  • 7.5 tons total weight tarpaulin light truck (3.2 t load capacity, 15-18 pallets)
  • 40 tons total weight tarpaulin, craneable tractor trucks (24 t load capacity, 33 pallets)
  • Mega tarpaulin trucks (3 m headroom, 24 t load capacity, 34 pallets)
  • Box trucks
  • Cooling trucks
  • Tanker trucks

The average age of our vehicles ranges from 0 to 5 years and their technical security is guaranteed by the top quality work and expertise of our contracted repair shop. Our vehicle fleet is updated and our older trucks are replaced continually.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS and Web-Eye tracking systems that allow you to get information continuously and rapidly about the whereabouts of the shipped cargo. Our VIP partners receive direct access to the system, thus you can gain insight into the delivery process via the Internet.